Friday, January 02, 2015

All my polishes

Hello :)

Two days ago I decided to swatch all my polishes... what was I thinking about.... OK I have over 400 polishes included also my base and top coats. I know that is not much in comparison to what some of the bloggers I follow has. And to be honest I can't see how I'm going to have time to swatch all my polishes. Sure I have some whites and blacks too but they also need to be swatched. So far I have uploaded two polishes on my instagram and I will continue to upload my polishes in the order I have them in my Helmers.

Here are my Helmers and NO they are not full... One Helmer can have about 400-500 polishes just by itself. You can google "Helmer and nailpolish" and you will understand why nailbloggers kinda LOVE Helmers. 

WHY do I then have 3 Helmers if I have over 400 polishes and that would fit in just ONE Helmer. Well we can call it OCD... I like to have my things in order. Just like I have my books in height order, my CD and DVD's in alphabetic order, I like to have my polishes in brand order. 

The Helmer's contain from left to right top to bottom

Various Polishes ( basically brands that I only have 1 bottle from)
Qtips, toilet paper and Make up pads
Stamping ( plates, scraper, stampers)
Fimo canes, glitter, beads, stripes, sponges
Scissors, files, tools in general
Nail wheels, nail book, packages from polishes

Models Own
IsaDora, Yves Rocher and BarryM

Rimmel, Kiko, Depend and Manhattan
SinfulColors, essie, LA. Colors and Sephora
Mavala, China Glaze, nails inc., Colorfun, Collection and 17
 Maybelline, ciate, Bissu, innisfree, pixi and Viva La Diva
Sally Hansen, Yes Love, Hits, Catrice, Pronails and Ztiz
Pieces, CR Cairuo, Orly, im and Yesensy

Above my Helmer's I also have this mini shelf where I now have my nail art pens, my removers, my brushes and dotting tools, base and top coats, some nail wraps, hand creams, my caviar beads and my home made sheer tint polishes.

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