Sunday, March 29, 2015

Geometrical nail art

Almost a year ago when I was on the plane home from Marrakesh I saw a picture of a manicure that I liked so I screenshot it so that I would be able to re-create it later.

Here is what I did. The white base is "White on White" from China Glaze the rest are nail art nail polishes from Kiss USA "Kiss Nail Art Paint" in Black, Silver Glitter, Soft Blue, Beach Pink and Soft Purple. Also the L.A Colors Art Deco in Bright Green and some miscellaneous from Walmart in Mexico. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Kiss Nail Art Paint

A girl can never have to many nail art bottles so therefore I bought some more colors and I have used them quite often since I did.. 

also a nail art correcter pen is very useful to have (one or two or more....). Here are the colors Soft Purple, Beach Pink and Soft Blue from Kiss and you also get nail tips guides so you can do french manicure :)

Monday, March 09, 2015

Primark - Hello Kitty collection

This summer when I was working in Oxford, I had the nice pleasure to have a Primark just after my bus stop on my way in to work. Which meant that I could pop in before and after work. I looked one day amongst the sale section where they have make up and found something I had searched for a long time... 

4 of what I think was a 6 piece collection with Hello Kitty nail polish. Apparently the collection had several parts, like eyeshadow, brushes etc. I'm just happy I found what I found. 

So I got these four 
* Beat Box - lilac
*Respect - deep metallic blue
*Got Dat Thang - cerise
*Meltdown - pink 

H&M - Lady Luck

 I painted my friends nails some weeks ago with this beautiful teal/green duo chrome nail polish from H&M with the name Lady Luck. 

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Nails inc. - Royal Mews and stamping with BPS plate QA88

 So I will start of this post with this macro shot of my nails wearing Royal Mews from nails inc. It's a silver holographic nail polish. I painted black under as a base coat so that the holo would pop better.

I used this plate, QA 88, from Born Pretty Store.

And this is my final result, a bit dry around the nails since it was so cold here.

Friday, February 20, 2015

OPI - Peace & Love & OPI

After a long wait, holidays and the fact that the company send me some other girls things and not my nailpolish, I got the one that I have been wanting to have for so long...

Just look at the color shifting in the bottle

And here I used my olloclip to take macro shots of the nails

So this is the Peace & Love & OPI from the San Francisco Collection from OPI that came out in 2013.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

New Instagram account

Hey everybody,

so about 3 weeks ago I started a new IG account for only my nails. I wanted to have it separated from my private IG. So the new account is , it is basically all the old pics I had and all the new that will come.

I have been slacking with taking pictures with the "real"camera since my Iphone is always closer to hand then my big camera.. But I will try and take more.

Hope you have had a nice weekend, here it has been snowing for several days...


Monday, January 12, 2015

My swatching so far

.... so in the last post I wrote about swatching all my polishes and taking pictures of it and upload a picture on my Instagram. Well so far I have uploaded 8 pictures... Oh man it's gonna take a while for me to do this with all my 400-something nailpolishes (at least I can count away the base and top coats, I think I have like 12).

So here goes all the pics so far

 1. Do You Lilac It?

 2. It's A Bird, it's A Plane, it's OPI!

 3. Pompeii Purple

 4. Save Me!

 5. German-Icure By OPI

 6. Lucky Lucky Lavender

 7. Nothin' Mousie 'bout It

8. You Glitter Be Good To Me

Friday, January 02, 2015

All my polishes

Hello :)

Two days ago I decided to swatch all my polishes... what was I thinking about.... OK I have over 400 polishes included also my base and top coats. I know that is not much in comparison to what some of the bloggers I follow has. And to be honest I can't see how I'm going to have time to swatch all my polishes. Sure I have some whites and blacks too but they also need to be swatched. So far I have uploaded two polishes on my instagram and I will continue to upload my polishes in the order I have them in my Helmers.

Here are my Helmers and NO they are not full... One Helmer can have about 400-500 polishes just by itself. You can google "Helmer and nailpolish" and you will understand why nailbloggers kinda LOVE Helmers. 

WHY do I then have 3 Helmers if I have over 400 polishes and that would fit in just ONE Helmer. Well we can call it OCD... I like to have my things in order. Just like I have my books in height order, my CD and DVD's in alphabetic order, I like to have my polishes in brand order. 

The Helmer's contain from left to right top to bottom

Various Polishes ( basically brands that I only have 1 bottle from)
Qtips, toilet paper and Make up pads
Stamping ( plates, scraper, stampers)
Fimo canes, glitter, beads, stripes, sponges
Scissors, files, tools in general
Nail wheels, nail book, packages from polishes

Models Own
IsaDora, Yves Rocher and BarryM

Rimmel, Kiko, Depend and Manhattan
SinfulColors, essie, LA. Colors and Sephora
Mavala, China Glaze, nails inc., Colorfun, Collection and 17
 Maybelline, ciate, Bissu, innisfree, pixi and Viva La Diva
Sally Hansen, Yes Love, Hits, Catrice, Pronails and Ztiz
Pieces, CR Cairuo, Orly, im and Yesensy

Above my Helmer's I also have this mini shelf where I now have my nail art pens, my removers, my brushes and dotting tools, base and top coats, some nail wraps, hand creams, my caviar beads and my home made sheer tint polishes.

Friday, December 19, 2014

China Glaze - 1344 No Peeking! (UPDATE)

Hello all,

some days ago I posted that I had bought this

from China Glaze which contains 1344 No Peeking and 1345 Dancing & Prancing.

Today I'm going to show you No Peeking since that is the one I have on my nails. 

I "normal" light it almost looks like the nailpolish is brown-ish, but as you all can see with flash it is a metallic purple. I painted my nails with 3 layers of polish and then had Seche Vite Top Coat. What I don't like with China Glaze is that the brush is so small, when it comes to the width of it. It makes it harder to get a good layer when you paint. Otherwise I really like China Glaze. It is just recent it has arrived in big scale to Sweden. It started off that H&M had a small display and this one I found at the pharmacy and they had a big display with colors that I hadn't seen before.

SO WELCOME China Glaze to Sweden :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New polishes - China Glaze and Seche Vite

 I went down to the city after my exam on Thursday to do my Christmas shopping and I went in to the  Pharmacy and found this! A biiiiiiiiiig China Glaze display and also this Christmas package (Sprinkle some Twinkle), I obviously bought this since this was 2 bottles for 129 kr instead of 99 kr for each bottle in the display. 

So these are the colors:  1344 No Peeking! and 1345 Dancing & Prancing

There was also 6 nail guides so that you can do french manicure or moon manicure, in the package. 

I also, since it was the 11th of December (my saints day) went to Kicks. Each year they have an advent calender and on the 11th they (at least this and last year) had half price for the Seche Vite. So I bought 2 just to be on the safe side. I also bought a nail polish correcter, apparently Kicks is the only place that have one that is not worth a fortune...even H&M don't have one (scandal!!!).

Watermarble in black and blue

yet again I did a watermarble but this time with a blue color instead of the white that I did last time.

I know this picture isn't the best but it captures H&M - Nail Him the best of all the pics I took. So this time just as last time, I also used this black from Bissu that doesn't have any name. I started with painting all my nails with Nail Him.

Which will leave your nails looking like this, maybe, then you add tape around your nails so that you don't have to clean so much when your done with the water marbling. Add water to a glass and open up all the bottles of polish that you are going to use and start dripping down in the water, don't drip to far away from the glass because that can make that the drip goes all the way to the bottom of the glass. It's better if you drip closely to the water. Then when you think you have the amount of rings of color in the glass take a toothpick and drag it the way you want the rings to go. And gently dip your nail(s) in the water. 

This is how my nails looked like afterwards, it can be all kinds of motives since it's all about how you place your nails in and how you have done the rings with the toothpick.

Friday, December 05, 2014

hēhē stamping plates with Harry Potter motive

So on Tuesday I got a note from the Post that I had a package waiting for me so on Wednesday when I had a long break at work I walked to the post office and got my very small box. In it was my 12 hēhē stamping plates with Harry Potter motives. 

I also got a stamper and scraper for free 

This is perhaps a better picture of the stamping plates. It's a bit a hard to take photos of stamping plates since they are so shinny 

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Watermarble in black and white

So two days ago I uploaded this to my Instagram, it was late in the evening and as always I was in front of the computer doing my nails. I have previously done water marbling on my nails but always thought it looked ugly and that I hadn't done it correctly. But two days ago I think I actually made I great job with this black and white watermarble. 

I used this two nail polishes. China Glaze White on White, not only for the marble but also as the base on the nails, and Bissu in black (there is no names on the bottles)...

My left hand 
and my right hand

Sunday, November 30, 2014

OPI - You Only Live Twice and some Christmasy nails

So for this nail day I used the above polishes: 

OPI - Goldeneye 
OPI - I Snow You Love Me
OPI  - You Only Live Twice 
L.A Colors Art Deco - Bright Green
and some nails stones and glitters

I started off by painting my nails with You Only Live Twice, except that I didn't do that on my left hand ringfinger cuz that one I painted with Goldeneye. I did 2 layers to get it proper opac and then a layer of Seche Vite.
I added glitter to You Only Live Twice with the glitter from I Snow You Love Me, the round ones, and stars from a nail art pack from I think Stradivarius that I got from my friends. On Goldeneye I added 3 red stones and I tried (!) to do the leaves for the holly with a toothpick and some green nail art paint. Not completely satisfied with them but ok...