Friday, December 19, 2014

China Glaze - 1344 No Peeking! (UPDATE)

Hello all,

some days ago I posted that I had bought this

from China Glaze which contains 1344 No Peeking and 1345 Dancing & Prancing.

Today I'm going to show you No Peeking since that is the one I have on my nails. 

I "normal" light it almost looks like the nailpolish is brown-ish, but as you all can see with flash it is a metallic purple. I painted my nails with 3 layers of polish and then had Seche Vite Top Coat. What I don't like with China Glaze is that the brush is so small, when it comes to the width of it. It makes it harder to get a good layer when you paint. Otherwise I really like China Glaze. It is just recent it has arrived in big scale to Sweden. It started off that H&M had a small display and this one I found at the pharmacy and they had a big display with colors that I hadn't seen before.

SO WELCOME China Glaze to Sweden :)

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